Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chasing an Explorer

This Friday a very special package will make its way to the Johnson Space Center Dock.  Around noon, the Kemah bridge will be closed as a precaution while it travels by barge underneath through the Clear Creek Channel.  The largest arrival since 1977 Saturn V stages will dock next to the Hilton from 3-5pm.  At that point the #Shuttlebration will ensue.

But I will be well into my bicycle chase team activities.  I plan to follow along on bike seizing the various vantage points not accessible with a car!  Starting near the Kemah Bridge I will make my way down NASA Road One to the dock at Space Center Boulevard.

The Space Shuttle model Explorer was originally at the KSC Visitor's Center and was given to us when we did not get a retired shuttle.  It was removed to make way for Atlantis which will go on display at KSCVC. I am impressed by the effort to get her here.  There are banners up all over to announce her arrival!

Saturday, I will observe the lifting operations.

On Sunday at 3am, traffic signals on NASA Parkway will be removed.  The trek from the dock down NASA Parkway to Space Center Houston will happen between 5 and 9am.  Early morning bike ride anyone?

Kemah Boardwalk Webcam
Kemah Bridge live webcam to see Explorer entering into Clear Lake