Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Designing An Uplifting End to the Shuttle Program

Patch designs submitted by Space Center employees have been posted on the Collect Space website. I decided to critique them from a design aspect... a little emotional content is thrown in for good measure. Did your entry make my list of comments???

The below comments are without reading any of the artist's intent - just solely on graphical interpretation. In order of presentation on CollectSpace site, not preference...

Interesting overall design element. Read the words on this one... Earth shown because shuttle was bound by low earth orbit - did Wayne Hale design this one? ;)

Strong graphics

Dawn to Dusk interesting concept, although somewhat limiting to end the shuttle in darkness instead of the stepping stone low earth orbit really is. However, some may seem that fitting... (see bound to earth comments above)

Several very familiar patch elements (especially STS-8), looks like an old DOD patch minus a flag.

I would really, really like to meet the person that has this image of the shuttle program...

God bless those who are not so artistically gifted... I appreciate their desire!

Shuttle paths are cool - although I grow so tiresome of the Astronaut symbol on every damn patch. However, ISS orbit finishing the design does not really work with the earth below on teh patch.

Love the "reflecting" idea! Probably was most moved by this entry.

Good, clean design (and I have always loved that view of the orbiter).

Like the idea of the paths creating "feathers" - looks like a PHALCON designed it.

There are elements I really like about this one. But would want 1981-2010 type dates on there. Love the inclusion of a star for every flight.

Not sure what it is that intrigues me on this one... has merit!

Whoa... completely out of the box. Innovative, good design, not sure about the colors.

Interesting, like the shuttles being differentiated.

Clean - would def do something differentwith the numbers though.

Kind of sad, riding away - gonna be a rough goodbye!

Nice design, flat out! Add some dates.

Another shout-out to those less artisticly gifted but care enough about the shuttle to put their idea out there! (Of course, I had to read this description to understand why there was no image file.)

Very original! I feel like a shuttle timeliner cam eup with this idea....

Really, really nice. Think I would have to represent the earth graphically though. A consistent element with almost every patch from the shuttle era - the overall patch should represent the genral feel of all.

Clean graphics, appreciate the orbiter floating at an angle - maybe a little to simple and subtle for me though.

Calling this one out because it has Mir on it (probably my all-time favorite program to work on thus far). Might be nice in color - and I like the hand-lettered look, actually. Need to add a micro-gravity M if you keep the little nebula above Hubble.

Again, very symbolic of an ending. Pretty sure the Space shuttle has never been depicted this way on a patch.

I really like the white vs. orange ET - shows we learn as we go. And I like the steam plume at the bottom of the patch. Stars around Hubble and ISS need balancing. Interesting how many people used Hubble to symbolize all other not ISS.

Neat view, needs words and stars!

Lot of good elements here, except I can not tell what the two presumably science symbols are. And I like the differentiation between orbiters, a record of those lost.

Like the graphics and I like the EVA guy in there - HUGE part of the program to not overlook. Plus, that image of Bruce is iconic!

I am now realizing there have been many more images added to the gallery.....

Hmmm.... I like this. I particularly like the two orbiters at the bottom. Would be interesting to see in color.

Neat idea... but not a patch. Keep going!

I like this odd little job too. Even with the hypercycloids instead of stars!

Interesting... looks more like a Challenger Center logo though. Several of these are made by the same guy/gal.

Clean, in memorium look. Tears....

I realize this one is more of an STS-133 entry. We have NEVER had a square/rectangular shuttle flight patch. Had to look at # of stars significance. I would like to see a star for every mission in the border (or dividing the border from the patch as I have seen in some entries). Starting to wonder how American we CAN go with all the International participants that flew - but there should def be a dominance. The shuttle is our muscle, after all! ;)

More tears..... star trail # of missions is a neat idea.

This entrant must be from Arizona...

Service dates on the shuttles is an interesting thought. As long as we make the two lost gold... like the others I mentioned ;)

Just lots and lots of intriguing elements on this one!

Friday, December 11, 2009

End of an Era - Outpost is Closing

Sad news finds me today. Just one week ago a decision was made to close the Outpost Tavern. They have really tried to stick it out... they really have! Unfortunately, they do not own the land on which this historic little place sits. And that land has a new owner. The inevitable is on the horizon. So instead of risking an ungraceful exit by a greedy land-owner, they have decided to write their own destiny with a Farewell Party (or three!) celebrating their thirty years (I think it's been around longer but maybe under a different name).

This place was my induction to NASA! Sort of our own special hazing ritual... of course the hazing results were far less than anything I experienced in college - especially on weeknight (since they close the doors at midnight and send you home because they KNOW you have to work in the morning)! In my twenty years in the space biz even I can look back at the Outpost and reminisce about "the old days." This place is a gem... a true bright star amongst the dreary and dull. The walls are covered with space history and even seem to talk themselves, telling those old stories.

And only at this storied bar can these not offend me... in fact, I even grope her when I leave! ;) I will shed many a tear for this place... but a lady always knows when to leave.

News about the Farwell Parties
A clickable map of just some of the history here!