Friday, December 11, 2009

End of an Era - Outpost is Closing

Sad news finds me today. Just one week ago a decision was made to close the Outpost Tavern. They have really tried to stick it out... they really have! Unfortunately, they do not own the land on which this historic little place sits. And that land has a new owner. The inevitable is on the horizon. So instead of risking an ungraceful exit by a greedy land-owner, they have decided to write their own destiny with a Farewell Party (or three!) celebrating their thirty years (I think it's been around longer but maybe under a different name).

This place was my induction to NASA! Sort of our own special hazing ritual... of course the hazing results were far less than anything I experienced in college - especially on weeknight (since they close the doors at midnight and send you home because they KNOW you have to work in the morning)! In my twenty years in the space biz even I can look back at the Outpost and reminisce about "the old days." This place is a gem... a true bright star amongst the dreary and dull. The walls are covered with space history and even seem to talk themselves, telling those old stories.

And only at this storied bar can these not offend me... in fact, I even grope her when I leave! ;) I will shed many a tear for this place... but a lady always knows when to leave.

News about the Farwell Parties
A clickable map of just some of the history here!

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