Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today in Space
STS-79 Launch

Fourth Shuttle-Mir docking with first crew exchange done by the Space Shuttle. STS-79 delivered Phase One's Increment 3 John Blaha to replace Shannon Lucid.

Only shuttle to roll back twice due to hurricane threats (In this case, Bertha and Fran).

The patch is in the shape of the Space Shuttle's airlock hatch, symbolizing the gateway to international cooperation in space.
The EVA handshake between a US EVA suit and a Rusian Orlon suit represents teamwork - not only the crew members, but the teamwork of both countries' space personnel.

From the Shuttle Mir History site:
In his Oral History, astronaut William Readdy said: "There are things that you remember visually and things that you remember, I guess, kind of emotionally. I remember first looking out the overhead window when I saw the Mir during the rendezvous. I could just see it as the brightest star in the sky, and I remembered somebody, when I flew my first flight in January of '92 called me up to the flight deck and said that, 'Hey, in five minutes you're going to be able to see the Mir go by,' because we were in similar-type orbits. So I remember floating up to the flight deck, and I saw the Mir go by, and I guess never would I have thought, given the political situation back then, never would I have thought in a million years, that we'd be joining not only physically with the Shuttle-Mir, but also joined up in this International Space Station."

Shannon Lucid Video Tour of Mir
Hatch Opening video with Lucid waiting

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