Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Day in Space
Apollo 11 Anniversary Overload

You would have to live under a technological rock to not know that 40 years ago today Apollo 11 launched. In fact, between live Tour de France video feed, Apollo 11 audio rebroadcast, live NASA TV with a press conference for Apollo video restoration and mission coverage, and the many emails on Apollo goodies I experienced my very own personal whale fail early this morning! Had to step off... Quite overwhelming - but here is my top list:

Events next week (crap do we have to do this all over again on Monday...???):
July 20th - NASA night at Astros game w/ Astro singing National Anthem and xxx throwing out the first pitch.
July 24th - Splashdown Party at Space Center Houston

Ridiculously thorough list of events is here.

Live Rebroadcast:
NASA site

Good supporting site that shows flight events here.

Awesome vintage Mission Sequence graphic here.

Restored HD mission video here.
Never before on the internet on-board audio when the mikes were off here.

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