Monday, July 20, 2009

Today in space
Lunar Landing
One Small Step, One Giant Leap

On this day I am saddened by the absence of Walter Cronkite. Was hoping there would be some kind of live replay of his coverage on that fateful night. I would just love to pretend it was happening at that moment while sitting in front of my HD... suppose it still wouldn't be live though, since I am headed to the Astros game and will be there when we "actually walk on the moon." I was able to synch up the CBS coverage with Cronkite from Youtube and the live NASA audio rebroadcast - pretty special way to watch the landing!

I find it fitting that Cronkite died gracefully a few days before so we could celebrate him along with Apollo 11.

Wally, say something I am speechless... CBS video as it happened here.

Walter Cronkite Moon Landing reflection here.

On a lighter note... Google decided to wait until landing to splash the Apollo 11 Moon Landing logo. Well played. And an extremely nice logo at that!

Mythbusters bust Moon Hoax tonight on Discovery Channel - a peek is here.

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