Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Outpost Update - Headed to a Court Near YOU!!!

Apparently the land owner decided to lock out the owner of the Outpost January 15th by changing the locks. He claims he did it because he was concerned thousands of dollars of memorabilia had already been removed. Huh? He seems to think he owns The Outpost Tavern... and he wants to move it and re-open it. How could ANYONE other than the Foster family honestly think they own the contents that they have compiled over 30 years??? The land has nothing to do with the business or the building. I was very disappointed when I went in December and saw most of the memorabilia had already been removed for the fear of people grabbing souvenirs... Oh Thank God she did! Except.... the beloved swinging doors - the ones I had wanted to take my picture with in the last weeks - are presumably still in there. In fact, I was headed there today to have some crawfish! Walter Wright has stolen two weeks worth of farewells from those who loved the Outpost Tavern. Let me steal a line from Color Purple - Walter Wright, nothing you do will succeed until you do right by Stephanie Foster!

If anyone needs someone to break in and steal those doors from the grubby-handed, greedy Walter Wright, SIGN ME UP!!!

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