Friday, January 15, 2010

Shuttle Commemorative Patch Vote Update

Looking at the current votes, there has been some minor shifts. I have made an excel spreadsheet to assess some of the differences.

The first graph illustrates the initial JSC (actually internal NASA - website is a JSC based site) voting with the current trend today. The biggest change is that some of the patch 3 votes went to patch 7. These have been the top two vote-getters across both sites and all dates hands down. Patch 8 seemed to lose some of its popularity while the exact opposite is true on collectSpace. Patch 10 lost half of its vote with patch 14 and patch 6 gaining 3 and 4%. The trend I can see there is an immediate wow-factor of patch 7 giving way to the traditional mission completeness of patch 3. Patch 10's waning could be due to the similarity to the STS-107 Columbia patch.

The second graph illustrates the same initial vs. current voting for the collectSpace Fan Poll. Interestingly enough, none of these percentages vary significantly. This leads me to believe the same select few are voting over and over.

The third graph illustrates JSC on-site voting vs. collectSpace fan poll on the initial voting day. Huge difference of opinion here! And quite unexpected that the overwhelming favorite was not the new, out-of-the-box artistic design of patch 7. In fact, patch 3 and its bottom line engineer mentality with the Mission Complete message was favored by the collectSPACE fans. The collectSPACE voters responded measurably better to patch 6 than JSC voters - it was created by one of collectSPACE's major contributors. The other significant difference was the favor of patch 14 on collectSPACE over those at JSC. This particular difference eventually levels out.

The fourth graph illustrates JSC voting vs. collectSpace fan poll on January 15th. The general trend is that everything is leveling out. But patch 3 has become the overwhelming favorite. Patch 10 favor jumped from JSC to collectSPACE - which I think is pretty interesting. Possibly some of the JSC voters fled to patch 14.

Notes on some of the artists and some additional cool submission ideas.

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