Monday, January 25, 2010

SSP Commemorative Patch Voting Update

In the last ten days there has been no real change in collectSPACE voting. Again, pretty much the same people voting over and over outweighs any new votes. As for the JSC vote however, patch 7 has gained some popularity without any significant sacrifice to the other finalists.

The first graph illustrates JSC vs collectSPACE voting on January 25th. You can compare this one with the two red and blue ones in the earlier post.

The second graph is a total picture of the voting so far. I added a key with the dates and identified each chart with the logo of the source voting. The collectSPACE voting is fairly close across the board with the exception of patch 4 and patch 10. What I find interesting is most of the select favorites are divided about the same (of course with exception to patch 3 which is the clear favorite.

As for the JSC voting on the second graph, there is more variation and the continued struggle between patch 3 and patch 7 is evident. Other than what seems to be more of a daily flux with the JSC site voters, patch 10 stands out as going in the opposite direction as the collectSPACE voters.

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